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Everyone knows that a well-optimized website can rank high in the search engine results pages (SERPs). ?Sure, using the proper keywords and implementing them into your site’s content and meta tags is SEO 101, but everyone knows that.

Non-traditional methods of optimization can work wonders for a website as well, especially now in the age of semantic search where keywords aren’t everything.

Search engines are now ranking on factors other than just the standard strings of keyword phrases. ?Another way of putting it might be that these search engines are looking at things, not strings. ?They want to see relevance, popularity, and authority. ?They do this by noting how and where users are finding information about a particular site. ?How and where do users find information about a particular site? ?More and more, social media sites are becoming popular places to find information about, well, everything.


Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ are all vehicles in which you can promote your website and increase its visibility. ?You can use these sites to link to yours as you become a well-respected contributor on a certain topic or in a particular field. ?Best of all, your site gains relevance and authority within search engines like Google and Bing. ?Creating valuable content on social media sites and then linking back to your site can be a very powerful tool in helping your website achieve its full potential. ?Utilizing these different channels is a great way for your site to gain exposure as well as increasing opportunities to generate revenue.


Content marketing takes typical marketing and advertising efforts one step further. ?It attempts to acquire consumers by educating them. ?It does so by sharing and publishing content and materials in a variety of formats (news, videos, case studies, articles, catalogs, etc.). ?In a sense, content marketing is focused not on selling, but on communicating and conversing with potential customers. ?The idea behind this is to inspire loyalty from buyers by delivering consistent, relevant information.


Pinterest marketing speaks to a growing number of users who like to receive all kinds of information as well as read useful tips and tricks for virtually every subject under the sun. ?It’s an up-and-coming marketing channel that is currently very popular. ?Pinterest is a way for users to collect and organize everything they love and to share it. ?Things like articles and blog posts are important components of Pinterest marketing.


All of these platforms are valuable assets when it comes to marketing your brand and website. ?Kreidman understands this current trend and looks to create and increase awareness of websites by using all available marketing channels.


Quality Over 


Quality Over Quantity

Not all ecommerce traffic is created equally. We help drive targeted visitors to your ecommerce site through SEO, PPC, Shopping Engines, and other channels.

Give 'Em What 

They Want

Give 'Em What They Want

Semantic markup improves click through rates in the SERPs. Modifications to the user experience increase conversion rates on the site. Small changes improve the bottom line.

Scream & 

Shout With Purpose

Scream & Shout With Purpose

Content marketing and social media offer numerous opportunities to create awareness. However, you must have the right purpose and strategy, otherwise nobody will hear it.

Money, Money, Money

Money, Money, Money

Invest and build in an online store to supplement your current offline sales. If you already sell online, expand and grow your sales by selling on Amazon and ebay.

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