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Pinterest Marketing


Pinterest Marketing is definitely on the rise and is currently very popular. Pinterest is currently visited by more than a million visitors who “pin” their favorite images that feature articles, recipes, styles, crafts and much more. ?In a sense, it’s a way for users to collect and organize everything they love and to share.

Pinterest is also very useful in a business sense, helping to promote just about anything imaginable. ?It’s a visual-based social network that drives a lot of referral traffic to websites. ?So how does Pinterest work?

First things first, on Pinterest, users get to see lots of images, and they get to “pin” what they like. ?Those “pins” are also links back to the original site where they came from. ?So, whenever users “pin” something, that not only creates a link for it, but the user can then go directly to the original site. ?Building a fan base of sorts is very important and it’s like building “followers” on Twitter or “friends” on Facebook.

Here are a few helpful tips when getting started on Pinterest:

* Only use high-quality images.
* Don’t watermark your images, make them share-able.
* Write detailed descriptions using the right keywords whenever possible.
* Keep re-pinning as a way of interacting with your Pinterest friends.

Kreidman can help you set up your Pinterest profile as well as all of your social media profiles (and there are plenty!). ?To find out more about us and how we can help you increase your visibility in the social media world, don’t hesitate to Contact us today!

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