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5 Adwords Tips For Maximizing Profit

The bottom line with any website?s marketing campaign is to increase traffic to ultimately drive more sales.? Google Adwords give web marketers the chance to tap into a true marketing juggernaut that presents a lot of opportunity.

Within Google, there are approximately 5.9 billion searches per day.? Adwords can help draw interest to your site from potential customers who are not only interested in the products you are offering, but they are generally qualified buyers as well.? Google Adwords is an advertising system in which advertisers bid on certain keywords in order for their ?clickable? ads to appear within search results.

So why do we care?? I was a guest presenter for a Nexternal webinar last week that focused on the importance of Adwords and what it can bring your business.? The advantages of an Adword campaign are numerous and some of the most important reasons why include:

? ? ? ??* You pay only when someone clicks on your link
? ? ? ? * You can control your own budget
? ? ? ? * You have access to extensive reporting
? ? ? ? * You learn more about your business

So now, if you?ve decided that you?d like to give Adwords a try, I have outlined a number of helpful tips that will help your website succeed.? Once you?ve created an account, you?ll be able to access the system and can follow along with these tips.


1) Start With ?Exact Matching?

* Broad Match = misspellings, synonyms, variations of your keyword(s)
* Broad+Match+Modifier = not synonyms, in any order
* ?Phrase Match? = your keyword(s) with words in front and back
* ?Exact Match? = your exact keyword(s)
* Negative Match = searches without your keyword(s) term

** Why is ?exact matching? important?
* You pay only for clicks on the keywords that you desire
* Higher click-through-rates (better targeting)
* Reduces wasted spend
* Allows for controlled expansion of keyword phrase


?2) Use Shopping Campaigns

Use Shopping Campaigns1











** Where can you create a shopping campaign?

Shopping Campaigns2













From the ?campaign? tab, simply click on ?shopping? to start your campaign.

** Why are shopping campaigns important?

* Allows for more control than Product Listing Ads
* You can sort and bid by Category
* Typically lower cost-per-click than normal search campaign
* Better return on investment


3) Bid On Your Own Brand

** Why is bidding on your own brand important?

* Very inexpensive click cost
* Two links are better than one
* Control your messaging
* Fight off competition

** Suggestions:

–> Create a separate branded campaign

–> Control budgeting and reporting


4) View ?All? Search Terms to Find Negative Keywords

** Why is viewing ?all? search terms important?

* If you don?t use it, you may be bidding on undesirable keywords
* Budget is wasted on bad keywords
* Improve the efficiency of your spend

** Where is it found?

View All Search Terms1













You can find ?view all? is located in the Keywords tab, by clicking the ?details? tab and then clicking on ?search terms – all?.? This makes all keywords viewable, even if they are relevant or not.


Here is an example of ?view all search term.?? You can see the keywords that match exactly as well as others with little relevance:

View All Search Terms2










5) Use Sitelinks










** Why are sitelinks important?

* Your ad gets more real estate and exposure
* Ads with sitelinks have a 30% higher click-through-rate
* Ability to test different wording and calls to action


** Where do I implement sitelinks?

* Ad extensions tab
* Either the Campaign or Ad Group level


While many businesses and online stores have Adwords campaigns, are they truly effective?? Are they utilizing the correct strategy?? In an ultra-competitive marketplace like the Internet, creating an effective Google Adwords campaign is crucial to your site?s success.? Following tips and recommendations like the ones provided will help to drive traffic to your site and influence your potential customers, ultimately improving conversions and sales.

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5 Adwords Tips For Maximizing Profit

The bottom line with any website?s marketing campaign is to increase traffic to ultimately drive more sales.? Google Adwords give web marketers the chance to ta