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Comparison Shopping Engines


Google Shopping

Google Shopping is the king of shopping engines. ?It can provide a large amount of traffic to your site. ?Products Listing Ads (PLAs) drive traffic and sales to your website by showing online shoppers rich images and details of the items you sell, not to mention creating another source of marketing and while adding another avenue to drive traffic to your website. ?Kreidman understands Google Shopping and knows how to utilize it to bring qualified buyers to your site, while giving your website and its products the best exposure possible. ?Here’s how Google Shopping can work for you:

Google Shopping


Price Grabber and Shopzilla

With our Comparison Engines Package, we can provide services for not only Google Products, but Price Grabber and Shopzilla as well.


Price Grabber1
PriceGrabber?is an industry innovator in online shopping. ?PriceGrabber connects millions of shoppers each month with thousands of merchants to drive over $1 billion in annual sales for retail and online partners. ?Shoppers can find millions of products and services from over 26 different categories. ?Shoppers can also compare these products and services as well as seller information, enabling them to find the right product from the right merchant at the best price.


Shopzilla is a leading source for connecting buyers and sellers online. ?Reaching a global audience of over 40 million shoppers each month through destination websites and affiliate networks, Shopzilla connects shoppers with over 100 million products from thousands of retailers. ?With a unique portfolio of engaging and informative shopping brands, along with verified customer-generated seller ratings and reviews, Shopzilla helps shoppers worldwide discover, engage, review, share, and ultimately buy online.


Kreidman looks forward to setting your site up with any of these shopping engines. ?Contact us today for more information!


Quality Over 


Quality Over Quantity

Not all ecommerce traffic is created equally. We help drive targeted visitors to your ecommerce site through SEO, PPC, Shopping Engines, and other channels.

Give 'Em What 

They Want

Give 'Em What They Want

Semantic markup improves click through rates in the SERPs. Modifications to the user experience increase conversion rates on the site. Small changes improve the bottom line.

Scream & 

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Scream & Shout With Purpose

Content marketing and social media offer numerous opportunities to create awareness. However, you must have the right purpose and strategy, otherwise nobody will hear it.

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Money, Money, Money

Invest and build in an online store to supplement your current offline sales. If you already sell online, expand and grow your sales by selling on Amazon and ebay.

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