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There are specific strategies and methodologies we use for Ecommerce SEO that are essential to the success of your site. Here are some of the elements included in our Ecommerce optimization services:


Competitor Analysis?? It?s important in Ecommerce SEO to evaluate the optimization and keywords of your competition. We look at their websites, source code, and the search engine friendliness of that code. Are your competitors well indexed in the search engines? We also will evaluate their content and its use of keywords along with meta tags. Then we will look at the competitor?s link popularity. Are they purchasing links or building their own link popularity? Do they have good internal and external linking? Overall with Ecommerce optimization you must know where your competition ranks for your targeted keywords.


Organic Keyword Analysis?? Kreidman will look at the keywords people are currently using to find your type of products through various organic searches. Is it product related content, category names, titles, page names, or other places where we can use those keywords? These are all important elements of Ecommerce search engine optimization.


Monitoring of Indexing Capabilities?? Can the search engines easily crawl the site in order to index the various pages? Before you can improve rankings, your site?s pages must be included in the search index. This is the first step in Ecommerce search engine optimization. In assessing how many total pages you have for your site vs. how many pages are in the various engines, we can get a good gauge of the indexing. We can also improve the indexing by improving the internal linking within the site and using other techniques in Ecommerce Seo.


Optimized Title Tags?? The title tag is the first thing people see when a search result appears. Optimizing title tags is critical for not only to be relevant to the keywords being searched, but to be relevant for the user to click on the result in the search engine. A unique title tag will be implemented for every product and category within the site when doing Ecommerce optimization.


Optimized Meta Descriptions and meta keywords?? Like the title tag, the meta descriptions and meta keywords should be unique for each page within the site. When doing Ecommerce SEO, these meta tags must contain the correct related keywords, the same keywords you had used in your title. Although the meta keyword tag is fairly useless in ranking, we still implement it as part of best practices. The meta description tag is still very important in many engines, including Google, which often use it for their results.


Optimized Website Content Including Keyword and Text Frequency???The job of the search engine is to provide the most relevant results related to the search. In order to be relevant and have effective search engine optimization for Ecommerce, the pages of your store must have relevant content using the keywords customers are using to search. Using meta tags alone is not going to be enough. You must have the right keyword content and frequency of those keywords. Stores with heavy images or flash content need to have the correct content to balance it as those elements are not indexed with the same weight as text.


Text Link Frequencies?? Internal linking through navigational menus and various links are essential for the search engines to be able to crawl a site. The other important element of those links is the text that is used on them, known as the anchor text. Each page name and product name is important when it is used as anchor text. Using ?view product? as linked text is not going to provide any assistance in Ecommerce optimization.


Optimized Navigational Structure?? The linking structure, link text, and navigational structure are all very important in Ecommerce search engine optimization. We need to be careful not to have too many layers of navigation. This is important not only for the user experience, but for the crawling of the site by the search engines. For effective SEO in Ecommerce, we want to make sure the search engine robots can crawl the site easily. For example, if you have a javascript menu, be aware that the engines cannot follow the navigation.


Ongoing Optimization Updates?? As we do ongoing evaluation of the site?s Ecommerce seo, we make necessary improvements to continue increasing results.


Recommendations for Link Popularity Building?? The search engines use a similar concept as a popularity contest as part of their determination on rankings. How many websites link to your website? How popular is your site with websites around the internet? One element to help boost rankings is to increase the amount of links going to your site. This can be done through both free and paid submissions to sites as well as through the purchase of text link advertising. Building link popularity must be done correctly in order to be effective. Although there are many factors important in link building, the quality and traffic of the site the link is being purchase from, the relevance of the site, and the proper use of link text are three major factors. Link popularity building is an additional cost to be determined by your desired budget.


Monthly Position Analysis Reports and Updates on Progress?? If we are engaged to work with you ongoing, we provide monthly reports on the site?s ranking for specific keywords and updates on the positioning. These reports also allow us to assess what areas might need more attention. We?ll be able to see per keyword, how much the rankings have improved. We?ll see how well the site is indexed and be able to make necessary changes for improvements in content and structure for the site?s Ecommerce optimization.


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