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“Kreidman’s work is second to none regarding Internet marketing/SEO. I believe there are very few people in the industry with more knowledge than Jason. He really knows what he is doing and will get you the best results possible and will be honest with you regarding what you can expect to achieve and will tell you straight up if he believes something won?t work so you don?t waste your advertising/marketing dollars. He is not interested in making a quick buck like 75% of the internet marketing firms out there, Jason has the best interest of his clients in mind at all time. He is a prime example of under promising and over delivering. Kreidman also managed our PPC campaign and really maximized our PPC budget to I believe it?s full potential. If you?re currently doing your own PPC management I guarantee Jason and his team will get you a higher ROI. I highly recommend working with Kreidman and feel confident they will exceed your expectations.”

Rick Galasieski
Vice President Internet Marketing
Bank Freedom


“Jason is extremely knowledgeable in the Search Engine Optimization field. Our company provides shopping cart software to hundreds of merchants and I would not hesitate to recommend him to any of our clients. The businesses we have referred to him have had great results in increasing their search engine rankings and hence their sales. Jason delivers on time and goes above and beyond the call of duty. He really understands SEO – especially as it pertains to consumer goods companies. He is professional, listens well, and is genuinely interested in helping his clients sell more online. Jason has always been a true professional.”

Alex Gile
President & Founder
Nexternal Solutions


“Jason has been an instrumental partner in many scenarios, both with our clients and for our own company focused initiatives. A customer service oriented and can-do attitude oozes from the man in a way that is natural and easy to work with. Will we do business again? To put it frankly, for as long as I am doing business, ?Jason will be at the table.”

Ed Sturrock
AmeriCommerce Ecommerce Software


“Jason is a very high-level business strategist. He was able to come into and help us fill a void that demanded a deep understanding of our business and practices. Not only did he pick it up and understand it in a very short amount of time, but he helped to implement many new tactics that lead to a significant cost savings. I personally and professionally vouch for Jason’s integrity and professionalism and highly recommend him.”

Jason Prescott
Top Ten Wholesale


“Jason creates unique value by listening and directing attention to areas of opportunity instead of merely selling you on a service. Through detailed analysis and careful planning Jason was able to increase our performance while simultaneously reducing our average spend for conversion. I recommend Jason for his trustworthy and professional insight and his ability to generate results.”

Justin McCullough
VP of Operations
AmeriCommerce Ecommerce Software


“Jason did a great job working with our clients and our unique ecommerce platform. Would recommend him to other customers without reservation.”

Jim Morrison


“I’ve worked with Jason in several ventures, both as his legal counsel and as a service provider for our firm. He has one of the highest levels of integrity and dedication of any client I have worked with. As a business consultant, he has helped us with branding and web optimization, and I gladly recommend his services to my clients.”

Jason Baker
Business and Trial Attorney
Keegan & Baker, LLP


“Jason and his team designed Dr. Obagi’s and my website, when why I worked in San Gabriel. He also ensured search engine optimization through keywords, to say the least. He and his team are professional, knowledgeable, and great!”

Sandra Obagi
Management Consultant
Obagi Skin Health Institute


“Jason is a consummate professional. I would recommend his work acumen and unparalleled service to anyone. Jason has the highest ethical standards, and is a name you can trust.”

Lara DeThomas
Professional Copywriter
Owner of Proper R?sum?s.


“Jason is easy to work with and takes the time to explain technical problems. He provides accurate project estimates, finishes projects quickly and on time, and has excellent attention to detail. His abilities are exceptional and he provides a one-stop shop for many of our online projects.”

Rachel Riger Scharfman
Brand Marketing Manager
Almar Sales


“Jason is uber-knowledgeable on all things related to SEO and e-commerce. He was always able to recommend the best course of action based on his expertise and our clients’ budgets. If you need help with an effective SEO strategy or need a professional consultant to help implement an e-commerce platform, Jason is your guy!”

Paul Edelstein
Operation Manager
The Buddy Group


“Investing in our website with Kreidman, Inc. has provided the best returns for us out of all other marketing avenues we tried (e.g. phone book, internet services that provide leads for a fee). Several years ago we had built a website ourselves using a free template, but we had no idea about SEO, so no one ever found our company on line. One of the most impressive things about working with Jason at Kreidman, Inc. was that he took the time to explain the basics of SEO to us and worked directly with us to create a site that matched our needs. Throughout the process we could tell that Jason and his team have a great sense of pride in their work and that they strive to provide the best service to their clients. Recently we have also started an active marketing campaign with Kreidman, Inc., and look forward to an on-going business relationship. We confidently recommend Jason and Kreidman, Inc. to other businesses who are looking at capturing part of the internet market.”

Eric & Nikki Bateman
Common Sense Flooring


“Jason is extremely professional and handles tasks with enthusiasm. His knowledge of SEO and SEM are a strong asset. I look forward to working with Jason again and highly recommend him to anyone looking to enhance their SEO and SEM strategies.”

Les Hughes
Lead Programmer
JP Communications


“I have worked with Jason on many occasions with Search and Social Marketing. I have also given recommendations and references on his behalf. Since 2007 Jason has helped me in creating, updating and managing seo, sem, ppc and content strategies for various companies. He is smart and competent. His methods have worked in all projects by a measurable margin and he is dedicated to providing exceptional service. I would say it is definitely worth your time to hear about what he has to offer.”

Kevin Oskow
Web Director
Victory Team Apparel


“Jason has a diverse knowledge regarding all things related to E-Commerce, SEO and PPC. He likes to cut to the chase get things done. His ability to handle a broad set of details is evident from the get go. His experience would be valuable to anyone looking improve their visibility online.”

Jason Zinn
Primo Products International


“Jason, I want to thank you for helping me and my team conceptualize the pieces and steps to realize our dream web project. I came in with a great idea and you helped put legs under it. You also gave us a realistic view of all the needed elements and a plan to execute and bring this idea to actual fruition. Your expertise and knowledge of web dynamics was invaluable, not to mention how pleasant it was to work with you. And, thanks for the “extra-mile” items you helped me with. I came in speaking “english” and walked out speaking “web”, representing a huge leap forward in my understanding and future success of this project.”

Judy Szamos


“Jason and his team are a delight to work with and have in depth knowledge of SEO. He has improved our rankings, maximized our website and helped expand our presence on the internet. Kreidman has the unique talent to combine technical and design in one company which makes it so easy to work with them. In addition to valuable suggestions and recommendations, he is timely, informative and helpful and most importantly produced results. I highly recommend him.”

Franne Goldberg
Topsies Online


Business Associate Testimonials:


I had the opportunity to work with Jason on a project for our company with Best Rank and we were very pleased with the way he managed our account and the overall knowledge he has on all topics related to Online Mkt.”

Sergio Del Rio
Sporturf Intl, Inc.


“To say Jason Kreidman cares about his profession would be an understatement. Extremely dedicated, hard working and one who consistently offers insight and assistance into areas where he is familiar, even if it’s outside of his duties. On a personal level he’s approachable, friendly, supportive and diplomatic. I enjoyed my time working with Jason, and would gladly recommend him to anyone needing an accomplished professional to handle their internet marketing campaigns.”

Alan Bush
Director of Strategy
Best Rank, Inc.


“It was a pleasure to work with an individual that was so consistently dedicated to providing great service, enthusiasm, solid communication and professional demeanor. Jason is a very detail oriented manager that always has his client’s best interests in mind and works with a high degree of integrity. I would not hesitate to recommend Jason as a positive asset to any team.”

Kristle Khoury
Director of Client Experience
Best Rank, Inc.


“Jason knowledgeable, thorough, and creative. If there’s a foreign concept he catches on amazingly quick and is able to offer unique/effective solutions just as fast. This guy knows what he is talking about and any organization would be lucky to have him as part of the team. I’m looking forward to working with him again in the near future.”

Simon Chernin
Marketing Director


“Jason is the ultimate professional! He’s knowledgeable in so many areas of internet marketing, especially ecommerce. Jason’s sales abilities are fantastic. More importantly, Jason cares deeply about the work he does and he’s constantly striving to improve. I would highly recommend Jason to any organization.”

Matt Walker
Best Rank, Inc.


“In our time together at Best Rank, Jason continuously exhibited core competencies that would be an asset in any business setting. He connected with both clients and team members as he continued to grow our Client Roster. He is well-versed in the importance of due diligence before client presentations, and is in fact particularly adept at delivering the presentation. He pairs a good sense of humor with a calm business demeanor, has succeeded in a very numbers-driven, deadline-driven role, and works exceedingly well in a team setting. It was a pleasure to have Jason as a key member of our Best Rank team, and he will be an asset to any organization seeking to add a positive, collaborative, results-oriented professional.”

Jason Brigham
Vice President of Sales and Operations
Best Rank, Inc.


“Jason was a pleasure to work with at Best Rank. He brought an in-depth knowledge of SEO, local search, e-commerce and PPC to the table and was very good at matching potential clients’ needs with our services. He is an asset to any client or company he engages with.”

Mike Shannon
CTO & Co-Founder
Best Rank, Inc.


“Jason?s dedication and work ethic are among his strongest attributes. He is very hands-on oriented which was evident in the diligence he showed in ensuring that clients were satisfied. He never viewed clients with a ?catch and release? mindset but as a relationship, and one not entered into lightly. He wouldn’t make a sale for the sake of selling but only when he genuinely believed it would benefit both sides. I think integrity in any facet of professional life is a great asset and I believe he bears such integrity. He has a great enthusiasm for suggestion and is always looking for ways to improve a situation or an idea. I would recommend him as somebody who is generous, diligent, enthusiastic and highly motivated in advancing his skill set and the environment around him.”

Sarah Kennedy
Administrative Assistant
Best Rank, Inc.


“After working with Jason for the last two years, I can strongly say that he is an expert in PPC advertising. Not only is he a pleasure to work with, he is always available to offer advice and best practices on all PPC and SEO related items.”

Liana Pasqual
Digital Media Manager
API Healthcare


“Jason possesses a very strong knowledge of ecommerce and the wide variety of technologies and tactics that deliver the greatest value; he is particularly adept at speaking to the areas of SEO, PPC and local search. Working with Jason was easy, efficient and enjoyable at all times. He maintains a focused, positive attitude and is always willing to share insights.”

Andrew Germer
Director of Social Media
Best Rank, Inc.


“Jason was not only a great boss but probably the finest person I’ve ever had the pleasure of working for. In addition to being intelligent and eloquent, he had a way of bringing out the best in his employees and co-workers. What I admired most was his integrity and his solid grasp on the ?human element?, both of which are essential in running any successful business and in building lasting relationships. If you have the opportunity to collaborate with him, do not pass it up!”

Sandra Geluso
Administrative/HR Manager
Rightway Gate


“Jason was an excellent CEO and President that I would definitely work with again. He had a strong work ethic, was passionate about his business, and always had a clear vision for the future. He was very well-liked and respected and certainly kept the team motivated. I would highly recommend him.”

Jeff Uyemura
Director of Marketing


“I have known Jason for twenty-five years and he has never disappointed in his delivery both as a friend and a business associate.”

Chris Dahl
Area Sales Manager
Independent Distillers, U.S.A


“Jason is the real deal when it comes to entrepreneurship. He can define/articulate a vision and then do what needs to be done to get it executed.”

Joe Waltman


“Jason was essential in helping us deliver on performance expectations and expand our lead outreach in ways that were not in our original performance brief. Our client was very pleased with the results and we continue to use Jason as a consultant whenever possible.”

Alan Robles
Freelance Web Designer


“I have known Jason for over 20 years. In that time I have seen him grow into an immensely talented man with boundless energy and a true love for life. He is extremely intelligent, and has a great sense of humor. He honors his co-workers and friends alike with his honesty, and open-mindedness. He would bring energy, enthusiasm, and vast expertise to any business setting. Any company would be lucky to have Jason working with them.”

Matt Greene
Acupuncturist/Massage Therapist
SereneQi Acupuncture


“I have known Jason for over 16 years. During this time, his passion and work building his own successful e-Commerce companies has transformed him into an Ecommerce Expert. His knowledge as an SEO Strategist is exemplary, his work ethic is unique, and his drive to help his clients reach their internet marketing goals unsurpassed. If you need someone to help take your website and online marketing goals to the next level ? I highly recommend you seek out Jason?s expertise.”

Ingrid Van Zant
Edhive Inc.


Quality Over 


Quality Over Quantity

Not all ecommerce traffic is created equally. We help drive targeted visitors to your ecommerce site through SEO, PPC, Shopping Engines, and other channels.

Give 'Em What 

They Want

Give 'Em What They Want

Semantic markup improves click through rates in the SERPs. Modifications to the user experience increase conversion rates on the site. Small changes improve the bottom line.

Scream & 

Shout With Purpose

Scream & Shout With Purpose

Content marketing and social media offer numerous opportunities to create awareness. However, you must have the right purpose and strategy, otherwise nobody will hear it.

Money, Money, Money

Money, Money, Money

Invest and build in an online store to supplement your current offline sales. If you already sell online, expand and grow your sales by selling on Amazon and ebay.

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