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Ecommerce Strategy & Planning

Discover new opportunities, reduce risk, or plan for the future.

We can help you achieve success through careful ecommerce planning, strategy, and discovery.  Our comprehensive solutions can provide you more confidence to achieve growth and reach your goals for your ecommerce business. 

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What We Do

We collaborate with you to create ecommerce planning strategies that help you achieve your goals. A robust and comprehensive ecommerce strategy is how you can attract customers to your website and bring them down the sales funnel. However, creating an effective ecommerce strategy isn't done overnight. It involves weeks of consultations, research, and creating the right kind of website to entice your target customers. 

Discovery Plans

Our team can create discovery plans that allow you to make more specific changes to your current website. This solution focuses more on building a website that has the makings of a successful ecommerce site. When creating a discovery plan, we can assess various aspects of your current webpage and rebuild it based on your current and future needs. Some domains we cover are:

Define goals and identify the primary target audience

Information architecture, including site navigation and sitemaps

Functional specs, such as necessary functionalities and required third-party software

Design and branding.  This can include logos, font types, colors, and more.

Media, graphics, and content to convey your brand to your target customers.

Product offerings, including competitor research for similar products as well as demand.

Software platforms, hosting, and other technical requirements to optimize performance.

Reporting and metrics requirements to define your key performance indicators (KPIs).

Through the discovery plan, you have a comprehensive document that covers every aspect of your website. You’ll see a bird’s-eye view of the new pages, giving you opportunities to find areas where you want more focus or higher priority.

Strategy Plans

Our ecommerce strategy plans go beyond just building a website. During this more comprehensive stage, we focus on various areas to help you set the foundation for a thriving ecommerce business. Here are some of the aspects we cover for our strategy plans.

Brand Positioning

How will you carve a niche in your industry? How will your company stand out in the sea of competition? Our team will help you determine your brand identity that stays true to your goal while being memorable to your target audience

Customer Journey Mapping

We can help you plan your customer’s journey down the sales funnel, ensuring that they have a seamless and engaging experience in every touchpoint.

Content and SEO Strategy

Let our team help you plan content that helps you reach the first page of search results. We will assist you in planning the type of copy and media that would entice customers while also allowing you to remain visible and relevant.

Costs and Budgeting

We can help you forecast costs for your ecommerce operations, whether they’re for marketing, product manufacturing/sourcing, or technologies you’ll use. That way, you can plan a budget that covers everything while still allowing for maximum profits.

Technology Integration

Thanks to our extensive experience in industry-standard software and innovations, we can help you select the types of technologies that will help with your ecommerce business. Let us assist in integrating cutting-edge programs and software that can improve security, ensure scalability, and create a seamless shopping experience for your customers or site visitors.

Strategy Plan Implementation and Execution

Once you’ve approved all aspects of the strategy plan, we will be there to assist in its implementation. From website development to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns, our team is your all-around partner that will help you achieve the results you want for your ecommerce website.

Strategy Modification to Shifting Markets

Ecommerce, no matter what industry it’s used in, is dynamic. Market demands change and fluctuate without any given notice. Thankfully, you can count on us to help adapt your strategies to changing market trends. We take advantage of data-driven insights about emerging ecommerce movements and help modify your strategy. That way, you’ll remain relevant and in demand even as consumer behavior changes.

Why Choose Kreidman as Your Ecommerce Strategy Partner

There are several reasons why Kreidman has loyal clients who are extremely satisfied with our ecommerce planning solutions. Here’s why they keep choosing us, and why you should, too!  

Proven Track Record

Over the years, we’ve helped many clients achieve their goals. We have data to back up this claim. In fact, our solutions have helped some businesses increase their organic traffic by 200% after we implemented ecommerce strategies.

Experts in Various Industries

Our team has worked for businesses from an array of industries, ranging from fashion and retail to pharmaceuticals and wellness products. Our experience in these various verticals has given us 20 years of insight into the needs of their target audiences. We leverage this knowledge to design strategies that focus on attracting these specific markets.

Let’s Talk Ecommerce Planning and Strategy

Is your website no longer helping you achieve your ecommerce goals? Do you need a new ecommerce strategy that increases organic traffic and sales? Kreidman will serve as your partner to create ecommerce strategies that cover every aspect of your business, from brand identity to website architecture. Through our comprehensive solutions, you can be more confident with your growth and achieve your goals for your ecommerce business. Contact us today, and let’s schedule a strategy session. 

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