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Light His Fire

Advice for Women

6 CD Audio Program - $139 Online Audio Program - $99

How to keep a man hopelessly & passionately in love with you, Light His Fire is an alternative marriage counseling program for women. Dr. Ellen Kreidman , America's Love Expert, has been reducing America's divorce statistic for over 30 years.

In 15 minutes: Dr. Ellen can change a couple's outlook.
In 24 hours: Dr. Ellen can change the way a couple relates to each other.
In 1 week: Dr. Ellen can bring back the feelings a couple had when they first fell in love.

Light His Fire is the only program you’ll ever need if:

  • You want your husband to be ‘in love’ with you again
  • You want your husband to remain committed forever
  • You want your husband to find you sexy again
  • You want your interest in sex to come back
  • You want to communicate with your husband on a deeper level
  • You want to laugh, have fun and enjoy your husband’s company

It is possible to live happily ever after. You will see your husband respond once you learn exactly what to say and do. No matter how cold, distant or angry your husband may be right now, deep inside there is a warm, tender man with a heart of gold. Your knight in shining armor is right there just waiting for you to bring out the best in him. 

6 CD Audio Program - $139 Online Audio Program - $99