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Dr. Ellen Kreidman, Ph.D. | Success Stories

"Happily Married & Recommend the Program"

"Your advice tells us how to make the other person feel good about themselves. I see all types of people married to each other and know you are right, that it isn't necessarily your appearance that stops you from having a great relationship. I followed the advice on your programs and still do."​

Anne S. - New York City

"My Wife and I had such a turn-around"

"Marriage counseling stats are horrible and many still end up in a divorce. Please feel free to post our testimonial! If someone on your website is reading this and feels helpless or needs some guidance, do not turn this down!!! Don't hesitate in buying the program!! If it comes down to eating for 2 days or buying this program, drink lot's of water instead and buy the program. Thanks a million, Dr. Ellen!!!"

Gordon J. - Saddle River, NJ

"Keeping Her Teachings Going"

"I know that you don't need me to tell you what an awesome and beautiful lady Dr. Ellen Kreidman was!! I have listened to her tapes and read her books on and off over the years. My first marriage ended because I had an unfaithful husband but that was many years ago! Since then, I now have listened to her course faithfully many times over the last few years. I have many, many friends who ask me for relationship advice and ideas all the time and I have decided that I want to teach Dr. Ellen's classes. I just found out that she had passed away a few months ago and I was devastated that I never got a chance to thank her for what she has done for me. I was a single mother that raised my kids alone with no help, no child support, just me working. I really feel a strong desire to keep her teachings and her techniques alive now and I feel like there are many people who really need this and my own children have benefited from her teachings as well!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping her teachings going! I would be lost without them!!​"

- Gail L.

"Dear Dr. Ellen,

A little over a month ago, my husband and I (married thirteen years) had decided to call it quits. I had always been said by family and friends that we had the perfect marriage. However, the truth was...we were simply pretending to be who everyone else perceived us to be. We were great actors!
The day after we seriously discussed a divorce, I went to the internet to watch a video of Dr. Ellen Kreidman. I called my husband into the room and said, "Listen to This." When it was over, we agreed to order your programs, Light His Fire and Light Her Fire. I felt hope for the first time in several years.
I went to your website, and ordered the digital downloads. It took about a half hour to to get both programs. In a little over 2 weeks, my marriage of thirteen years has been transformed. The changes were almost instantaneous. Just the other night (one of our date nights) at a restaurants, he reached across the table, took my hand in his, and through tears he said, "I just want you to know how much to mean to me and how much I love you." In just a few days, we have been complimenting each other each day. My mom has watched our young daughter just so that we can have dinner and a night alone. We are on good path and making each other feel special.

Thank you, Dr. Ellen. Your courses are really helping us."

- Anonymous Submission

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